Vol 3, No 3 (2012)

Special issue on 'Wavelets' (Proceedings of the International Workshop on Wavelets, Frames and Applications, December 15-21, 2011, Delhi, India)

Table of Contents

Research Articles

Preface PDF
Shiv K. Kaushik, Richard A. Zalik iii
Shift Invariant Spaces and Shift Generated Dual Frames for Local Fields PDF
A. Ahmadi, A. Askari Hemmat 205-214
Approximate Identities on Non-Euclidean Manifolds PDF
A. Askari Hemmat, Z. Yazdani Fard 215-222
Periodic Wavelets in Walsh Analysis PDF
Yu. A. Farkov 223-242
Absolute Convergence of Multiple Series of Fourier-Haar Coefficients of Functions of Bounded $p$th-Power Hardy Type Variation PDF
Boris Golubov 243-252
Approximated Solutions to Operator Equations based on the Frame Bounds PDF
H. Jamali, A. Askari Hemmat 253-259
Spectral Properties for Pseudodifferential Operators via Weighted Modulation Spaces PDF
A. Askari-Hemmat, Z. Rahbani 261-272
$A$-transform of Wavelet Frames PDF
F. A. Shah, N. A. Sheikh 273-282
On Weighted Banach Frames PDF
L. K. Vashisht, Shalu Sharma 283-292
On Approximative Atomic Decompositions in Banach Spaces PDF
S. K. Kaushik, S. K. Sharma 293-301
$\mathcal{AD}$-Frames satisfying Property $\mathcal{B}$ PDF
S. K. Kaushik, Varinder Kumar 303-312
On Frames in Banach Spaces PDF
L. K. Vashisht 313-332
On WH Packets in $L^2(\mathbb{R})$ PDF
S. K. Kaushik, Ghanshyam Singh, . Virender 333-344
Some Smooth Compactly Supported Tight Framelets PDF
A. San AntolĂ­n, R. A. Zalik 345-353
Splines with Minimal Defect and Decomposition Matrices PDF
A. A. Makarov 355-367

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