Vol 12, No 2 (2021)

Table of Contents

Research Articles

Best Proximity Points for Cyclic Contractions in CAT(0) Spaces PDF
Jamnian Nantadilok, Chainarong Khunpanuk 231 - 240
Fractional Variational Iteration Method and Adomian’s Decomposition Method: Applications to Fractional Burgers Kuramoto KdV Equation via Hadamard Derivative PDF
Djeriba Hichem, Belghaba Kacem 241 - 251
Four New Sums of Second Hyper Zagreb Index Based on Cartesian Product PDF
M. Aruvi, J. Maria Joseph, E. Ramganesh 253 - 262
Automorphism Group of Dihedral Groups With Perfect Order Subsets PDF
Vinod S., Biju G. S. 263 - 271
Composite Weiner Hopf Equation with Variational Inequality and Equilibrium Problem PDF
Savita Rathee, Monika Swami 273 - 283
A Fuzzy Soft Set Theoretic Approach in Decision Making of Covid-19 Risk in Different Regions PDF
Anurag Awasthi, Sudhir Kumar Srivastava 285 - 294
On Rings Whose Quasi-Projective Modules Are Projective or Semisimple PDF
Nil Orhan Ertas, Ummahan Acar 295 - 302
Common Fixed Point Theorem in a Multiplicative S-Metric Space With an Application PDF
Prasad Kanchanapally, V. Naga Raju 303 - 314
Effect of Torsional Loading in an Axisymmetric Micro-Isotropic, Micro-Elastic Solid PDF
E. Rama 315 - 324
Characterizations of Some Regularities in Ordered Ternary Semigroups in Terms of Fuzzy Subsets PDF
Nareupanat Lekkoksung, Hataikhan Sanpan, Somsak Lekkoksung 325 - 333
Solving Fuzzy Linear Programming Problem Using Defuzzification Method PDF
Nalla Veerraju, V. Lakshmi Prasannam 335 - 345
Translation Surfaces in the 3-Dimensional Pseudo-Galilean Space Satisfying: \(\boldsymbol{\bigtriangleup^{\mathrm{II}}\, r_i=\lambda_i r_i}\) PDF
Azzi Ahmed, Bekkar Mohammed, Zoubir Hanifi 347 - 357
Fair Distribution Heuristics for Parallel Processors PDF
Mohammad Mahmood Otoom 359 - 366
Idempotents and Ideals of Regular Rings PDF
Preethi C.S., Jeeja A.V., Vinod S. 367 - 378
Stability Results of Solution of Non-Homogeneous Impulsive Retarded Equation Using the Generalized Ordinary Differential Equation PDF
D. K. Igobi, Lucky Igbinosun, Jeremiah Atsu 379 - 400

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