Vol 11, No 3-4 (2019)

Table of Contents

Research Articles

An Effective Numerical Method for Singularly Perturbed Nonlocal Boundary Value Problem on Bakhvalov Mesh PDF
Derya Arslan 253 - 264
Fixed Point Theorems for T-Contractions with c-Distance on Cone Metric Spaces PDF
Rita Pal, Anil Kumar Dubey, Mithilesh Deo Pandey 265 - 272
Laceability in Hanoi Graphs PDF
R. A. Daisy Singh, R. Murali 273 - 279
Experimental Approach of Various Controller Tuning Methods for Integrating Processes With Dead Time PDF
D. Yuvaraj, Alex George, M. Karthikeyan, S Kumar Shanmugam, B. Suresh, R. Samapth 281 - 299
The Analysis of Bifurcation Solutions for the Camassa-Holm Equation PDF
Hussein K. Kadhim, Mudhir A. Abdul Hussain 301 - 311
Multiplicative Connectivity Indices of Tri-Hexagonal Boron Nanotube and Nanotori PDF
G. R. Roshini, Chandrakala S. B., B. Sooryanarayana 313 - 322
Bounds of Some Topological Indices of the Cartesian Product of F-sum Graphs PDF
Chandrakala S. B., G. R. Roshini, B. Sooryanarayana 323 - 330
Domination in Double Vertex Graphs PDF
Roopa Prabhu, K. Manjula 339 -343
Effects of Triaxiality and Radiation Pressure on Existence of Resonance Stability of Triangular Equilibrium Points in Elliptical Restricted Three-Body Problem PDF
Krishna Kumar Pandey, A. Narayan, Sandip Kumar Shrivastava 345 - 374
Strongly \({g^{*}}\)-Closed Graph Function with Strongly-\({T_{i}{^{g^{*}}}}\) Spaces PDF
K. Sivakumar, T. Arunachalam, R. Parimelazhagan 375 - 382
A Robust PCA-SURE Thresholding Deep Neural Network Approach for Mental Task Brain Computer Interface PDF
Nguyen The Hoang Anh, T. T. Quyen Bui, Nguyen Truong Thang, Thanh Ha Le, The Duy Bui 383 - 406
The Existence and Approximation Fixed Point Theorems for Monotone Nonspreading Mappings in Ordered Banach Spaces PDF
Khanitin Muangchoo-in, Poom Kumam 407 - 419
Some Algebraic Polynomials and Topological Indices of Octagonal Network PDF
Ashaq Ali, Maqbool Ahmad, Waqas Nazeer, Mobeen Munir 421 - 431
An Analytical Study of Dispersion and Wall Absorption with Effect of Viscoelasticity and Magnetic Field PDF
Venkataswamy K. V., Jagadeesha S., Indira Ramarao 433 - 439

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