Multiplicative Connectivity Indices of Tri-Hexagonal Boron Nanotube and Nanotori

G. R. Roshini, Chandrakala S. B., B. Sooryanarayana


A topological index is a numeric value that can be used to characterize some property of the graph representing a molecule. In this article, we compute multiplicative connectivity indices namely, multiplicative version of first Zagreb index \((\Pi^*_{1})\), second multiplicative Zagreb index \((\Pi_2)\), first and second multiplicative hyper-Zagreb index \( (H \Pi_{1}, H \Pi_2 ) \), general first and second multiplicative Zagreb index \((M Z^a_1, M Z^a_2)\), multiplicative sum-connectivity index \((X\Pi)\), multiplicative product-connectivity index \((\chi \Pi)\), multiplicative atom-bond connectivity index \((ABC \Pi)\) and multiplicative geometric-arithmetic index \((GA \Pi)\) for tri-hexagonal boron nanotube, tri-hexagonal boron nanotorus and tri-hexagonal boron-\(\alpha\) nanotorus.


Multiplicative connectivity indices; Tri-hexagonal boron nanotube; Tri-hexagonal boron nanotorus; Tri-hexagonal boron-\(\alpha\) nanotorus

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