Vol 10, No 3 (2018)

Table of Contents

Research Articles

Bond and CDS Pricing with Credit Events PDF
Yen Trinh 383 - 390
Bounds of HOMO-LUMO Gap for Certain Nanotubes and Nanotori PDF
Uzma Ahmad, Saira Hameed 391 - 398
The Monopoly in the Join of Graphs PDF
Ahmed M. Naji, Nandappa D. Soner 399 - 409
Stochastic Integrals and Power Contractions in Bernoulli Selections PDF
Constantinos T. Artikis 411 - 415
Influence of Hall Current on Hydromagnetic Flow Through a Uniform Channel Bounded by Porous Media of Finite Thickness PDF
K. Ramakrishnan 417 - 428
Advanced Family of Newton-Cotes Formulas PDF
Mahesh Chalpuri, J. Sucharitha, M. Madhu 429 - 442
Combined Effects of Magnetic Field and Slip Parameter on Hydromagnetic Flow Through Porous Media With Different Slip Velocities at Both the Porous Interface PDF
K. Ramakrishnan 443 - 454
Some Fixed Point Theorems for Generalized \(\alpha\)-\(\eta\)-\(\psi\)-Geraghty Contractive Type Mappings in Partial \(b\)-Metric Spaces PDF
A. Farajzadeh, C. Noytaptim, A. Kaewcharoen 455 - 578
Investigation on the Flow Structure and the Performance of an Annular Diffuser with Two Different Types of Struts PDF
R. Prakash 479 - 488
Numerical Simulation of Propagation of Unsteady Tribrachial Flames in Laminar Non-Premixed Jets PDF
Nikhil Anto V., Sandeepak M., Santhosh Manikandan S., Vetrivel S., Soma Sundaram S. 489 - 494
On Geodesic Equation and Main Scalar in Two Dimensional Finsler Space with Matsumoto Metrics PDF
S. K. Narasimhamurthy, K. Chandru 495 - 503
Tungsten Inert Gas Welding of Al-Mg Alloys With and Without Scandium Addition PDF
K. Subbaiah 505 - 513
Existence of Resonance Stability of Triangular Equilibrium Points in Circular Case of the Elliptical Restricted Three-Body Problem Under Radiating and Triaxial Primaries PDF
Krishna Kumar Pandey, A. Narayan, Sandip Kumar Shrivastava 515 - 532
Challenges of IoT Based New Generation Smart-Government PDF
Ali AlEnezi, Zainab AlMeraj, Paul Manuel 53 - 544

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