Some Fixed Point Theorems for Generalized \(\alpha\)-\(\eta\)-\(\psi\)-Geraghty Contractive Type Mappings in Partial \(b\)-Metric Spaces

A. Farajzadeh, C. Noytaptim, A. Kaewcharoen


In this paper, we introduce the notion of generalized \(\alpha\)-\(\eta\)-\(\psi\)-Geraghty contractive type mappings in the set up of partial \(b\)-metric spaces and \(\alpha\)-orbital attractive mappings with respect to \(\eta\). Furthermore, the fixed point theorems for such mappings in complete partial \(b\)-metric spaces are proven without assuming the subadditivity of \(\psi\). Some examples are also provided for supporting of our main results.


Generalized \(\alpha\)-\(\eta\)-\(\psi\)-Geraghty contractive type mappings; \(\alpha\)-orbital attractive mappings with respect to \(\eta\); Complete partial \(b\)-metric spaces; Fixed points

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