Vol 6, No 3 (2019)

Table of Contents

Research Article

Effect of Dense Plasma Environment on the Spectroscopic Properties of He-like Ca\(^{18+}\) Ion PDF
Dishu Dawra, Mayank Dimri, Avnindra Kumar Singh, Alok Kumar Singh Jha, Shougaijm Somorendro Singh 103 - 113
Synthesis and Characterization of CTAB Capped Praseodymium Oxide Nanoparticles PDF
D. Prasanna 115 - 122
Energy Levels and Transition Parameters in Ce\(^{6+}\) from MCDHF Model PDF
Abdul Wajid, S. Jabeen 123 - 129
Single Photoionization Study of Br\(^{3+}\) via the Screening Constant by Unit Nuclear Charge Method PDF
M. T. Nging, I. Sakho 131 - 141
Preparation and Properties of New Hybrid Material: [CdCl\(_4\)]\(^{2-}\)[C\(_8\)H\(_9\)NO]\(^{2+}\) PDF
Bikram Singh, Dinesh Jasrotia, Attar Singh, Sanjay K. Verma, Bhavnaish Chand 143 - 146
Elastic Scattering of e\(^+\)-K-atom PDF
Mukesh Kumar Sinha, Tarun Kumar Dey 147 - 151
Electron Injection for Direct Acceleration by A Gaussian Laser Field Under the Influence of Azimuth Magnetic Field PDF
Ravindra Singh, Sandeep ., Jaspreet Kaur 153 - 164
Theoretical study of Scattering of Electron Transport PDF
Randhir Kumar, Gun Sagar Yadav, Tarun Kumar Dey 165 - 171
Diamagnetic Susceptibility and Donor Binding Energy of Impurity States in Zinc Blende AlGaN/GaN Quantum Dot PDF
B. Prem Kumar, D. Prasanna, P. Elangovan 173 - 181
Study of Effects of Hot Phonon on Hot Electron Transport PDF
Tarun Kumar Dey, Randhir Kumar 183 - 189

Topical Review

Layered TMDFETS for Nano Devices: A Short Review PDF
Subhra Dhar, Manisha Pattanaik 191 - 198

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