Vol 11, No 1 (2020)

Table of Contents

Research Articles

General Iterative Scheme for Split Mixed Equilibrium Problems, Variational Inequality Problems and Fixed Point Problems in Hilbert Spaces PDF
Jitsupa Deepho, Poom Kumam 1 - 21
Adjacency and Incidence Matrix of a Soft Graph PDF
J. D. Thenge, B. Surendranath Reddy, Rupali Jain 23 - 30
On the Solutions of Linear Fractional Differential Equations of Order \(2q\), Including Small Delay Where \( 0< q<1 \) PDF
Ali Demir, Kübra Karapınar, Sertaç Erman 31 - 40
Company Level Variables in R&D Cooperation Perspective PDF
Mohamad Alghamdi 41 - 55
On Initial Chebyshev Polynomial Coefficient Problem for Certain Subclass of Bi-Univalent Functions PDF
F. Müge Sakar, Ertuğrul Doğan 57 - 64
Generalized Apostol Type Polynomials Based on Twin-Basic Numbers PDF
Ugur Duran, Mehmet Acikgoz, Hemen Dutta 65 - 83
Composite Generalized Variational Inequalities With Wiener-Hopf Equations PDF
Zubair Khan, Syed Shakaib Irfan, Iqbal Ahmad, Preeti Shukla 85 - 93
Bicomplex Tetranacci and Tetranacci-Lucas Quaternions PDF
Yüksel Soykan 95 - 112
Strong Convergence Results for Continuous Hemicontractive Mappings in Hilbert Spaces PDF
B. G. Akuchu, A. O. Okoro, K. T. Nwigbo, P. C. Chukwuyere 113 - 120
Classical Solution for the Boltzmann Equation with Absorption Term in Yang-Mills Field PDF
David Dongo, Norbert Noutchegueme, Abel Kenfack Nguelemo 121 - 139
Tribonacci and Tribonacci-Lucas Matrix Sequences with Negative Subscripts PDF
Yüksel Soykan 141 - 159
A Uniformly Convergent Numerical Study on Bakhvalov-Shishkin Mesh for Singularly Perturbed Problem PDF
Derya Arslan 161 - 171
The Analytic Solution of Initial Periodic Boundary Value Problem Including Sequential Time Fractional Diffusion Equation PDF
Suleyman Cetinkaya, Ali Demir, Hülya Kodal Sevindir 173 - 179

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