Vol 7, No 3 (2016)

Special Issue on 'Advances in Fixed Point Theory towards Real World Optimization Problems',
Proceedings of The 9th Asian Conference on Fixed Point Theory and Optimization,
May 18 – 20, 2016, King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi, Bangkok, Thailand

Table of Contents


Preface PDF
Poom Kumam, Yeol Je Cho, Dhananjay Gopal i - v

Research Articles

Common Fixed Point Results for \((\phi,\psi)\)-Weak Contraction Mappings via \(f\)-\(\alpha\)-Admissible Mappings in Intuitionistic Fuzzy Metric Spaces PDF
Wudthichai Onsod, Poom Kumam 167-178
Fuzzy Fixed Point Theorem for Multivalued \(F\)-Contraction in \(b\)-Metric Spaces PDF
Darunee Hunwisai, Poom Kumam 179-187
Strong and \(\Delta\)-Convergence for Asymptotically \(k\)-Strictly Pseudo-Contractive Mappings in CAT(0) Spaces PDF
Nuttapol Pakkaranang, Poom Kumam 189-197
Some Common Fixed Point on Generalized Cyclic Contraction Mappings with Implicit Relation and Its Applications PDF
Nantaporn Chuensupantharat, Poom Kumam 199-206
Fixed Point Result on Generalized \((\psi,\phi)_s\)-Contractive Mappings in Rectangular \(b\)-Metric Spaces PDF
Pakeeta Sukprasert, Poom Kumam, Dawud Thongtha, Kamonrat Sombut 207-216
An Extension of Fuzzy WV Control Chart based on \(\alpha\)-Level Fuzzy Midrange PDF
Rungsarit Intaramo 217-225
Fixed Point Theorems for Generalized \((\alpha,\psi)\)-Expansive Mappings in Generalized Metric Spaces PDF
Manoj Kumar, Serkan Araci, Poom Kumam 227-240
Ulam-Hyers Stability and Well-posedness of the Fixed Point Problems for Contractive Multi-valued Operator in \(b\)-metric Spaces PDF
Supak Phiangsungnoen 241-262
On Asymptotically Lacunary Statistical Equivalent Double Sequences of Fuzzy Numbers PDF
Chirasak Mongkolkeha, Phatiphat Thounthong, Poom Kumam 263-273
Coupled Best Proximity Points under the Proximally Coupled Contraction in a Complete Ordered Metric Space PDF
Poom Kumam, Arslan Hojat Ansari, Kanokwan Sitthithakerngkiet 275-289

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