Vol 7, No 1 (2016)

Table of Contents

Research Articles

Analytic and Numerical Solutions of Time-Fractional Linear Schrödinger Equation PDF
S.O. Edeki, G.O. Akinlabi, S.A. Adeosun 1-10
Spaces of Series Summable by Absolute Cesàro and Matrix Operators PDF
Mehmet Ali Sarıgöl 11-22
Optimal Approximate Solution for Generalized Contraction Mappings PDF
Somayya Komal, Nazra Sultana, Azhar Hussain, Poom Kumam 23-36
The Best Uniform Cubic Approximation of Circular Arcs with High Accuracy PDF
Abdalah Rababah 37-46
A Conceptual Mathematical Examination of the Aerosols Loading over Abuja-Nigeria PDF
Moses Eterigho Emetere, Marvel Akinyemi, Temitope Oladimeji 47-54
Polynomial \(G_L\), Yang-Baxter Equation and Quantum Group \(SL(2)_q\) PDF
İsmet Altıntaş, Kemal Taskopru 55-72

eISSN 0975-8607; pISSN 0976-5905