Topological Indices for Inverse Graphs Associated With Finite Cyclic Group




Hosoya polynomial, Wiener index, Hyper-Wiener index, Inverse graph


Topological indices are mathematical descriptors for molecular structures. These descriptors are used to describe physico-chemical properties such as solubility, molecular shape and molecular weight. In this paper, we present distance-based topological indices such as Wiener index and hyper-Wiener index by using Hosoya polynomial for inverse graphs associated with finite cyclic group. Also, we have found eccentricity based topological index of inverse graphs associated with finite cyclic group.


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Gopinath, S., Doss, A. R. P., & Kalaimurugan, G. (2023). Topological Indices for Inverse Graphs Associated With Finite Cyclic Group. Communications in Mathematics and Applications, 14(1), 415–427.



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