Vol 10, No 4 (2018)

Table of Contents

Research Articles

A New Analysis of the Time-Fractional and Space-Time Fractional-Order Nagumo Equation PDF
H. M. Srivastava, Khaled M. Saad, Eman H. F. Al-Sharif 545 - 561
Homoclinic and Heteroclinic Orbits for a Liénard System PDF
Carmen Rocsoreanu, Mihaela Sterpu 563 - 571
\((\varepsilon,\delta)\)-Characteristic Fuzzy Sets Approach to the Ideal Theory of \(BCK/BCI\)-Algebras PDF
G. Muhiuddin, Shuaa Aldhafeeri, K. P. Shum 573 - 581
Strategies in Building Brand Loyalty Based on Consumers’ Experience, Trust and Satisfaction: A Study in Vietnamese Using Smartphone Context PDF
Nhu-Ty Nguyen, Thanh-Tuyen Tran 583 - 598
Gracefulness of Some Arbitrary Supersubdivision of Cycle PDF
Ujwala Deshmukh, Smita Amogh Bhatavadekar 599 - 611
Optimality in Multiobjective Subset Fractional Programming Involving Generalized Type \(n\)-Functions
Meraj Ali Khan, Amira A. Ishan 613 - 622
Some Results on Anti-Invariant Submanifolds of \((LCS)_N\)-Manifold PDF
C. S. Bagewadi, S. Venkatesha, M. S. Siddesha 623 - 634
Determination of Interlayer Stresses for Multilayered Materials by using Biquadratic Basic Functions PDF
Zahir Muradoglu, Tatsiana Urbanovich, Vildan Yazici 635 - 645
On Theoretical Study of Zagreb Indices and Zagreb Polynomials of Water-Soluble Perylenediimide-Cored Dendrimers PDF
Zahid Iqbal, Muhammad Aamir, Muhammad Ishaq, Ani Shabri 647 - 657
Realization of a Method for Calculating Bell Polynomials Based on Compositae of Generating Functions PDF
Vadim S. Melman, Yuriy V. Shablya, Dmitry V. Kruchinin, Alexander A. Shelupanov 659 - 672
Laminar Flow and Heat Transfer inside a Bi-dimensional Planar Corrugated Channel PDF
Rahima Benchabi, Ahsene Lanani 673 - 684
The Effects of Physical Parameters on the Forced Convective Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow in Corrugated Channel PDF
Rahima Benchabi, Ahsene Lanani 685 - 696
Relationship Between the Fixed Point Theorem and the EM Algorithm PDF
Ahsene Lanani 697 - 702
A Constraints Driven PSO Based Approach for Text Summarization PDF
Shrabanti Mandal, Girish Kumar Singh, Anita Pal 703 - 714

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