Vol 9, No 3 (2017)

Proceedings of the Conference
Current Scenario in Pure and Applied Mathematics
December 22-23, 2016
Kongunadu Arts and Science College (Autonomous)
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India

Table of Contents

Research Articles

Solution of Fuzzy Fractional Integro-Differential Equations Using A Domian Decomposition Method PDF
V. Padmapriya, M. Kaliyappan, V. Parthiban 501 - 507
Cluster Analysis using Rough Set Theory PDF
Girish Kumar Singh, Shrabanti Mandal 509 - 520
Semi \(c(s)\)-Generalized Closed Sets in Topological Spaces PDF
R. Nithyakala, A. Pushpalatha 521 - 528
Web Page Ranking Algorithms Through Centrality Measures PDF
Saroj Kumar Dash, B. Jaganathan 529 - 538
Secure Support Strong Domination in Graphs PDF
R. Guruviswanathan, M. Ayyampillai, V. Swaminathan 539 - 546
A Hybrid Text Summarization Approach PDF
Shrabanti Mandal, Girish Kumar Singh, Anita Pal 547 - 555
The Non-Split Complement Line Domination in Graphs PDF
V. Mohanaselvi, P. Kavitha, M. Durka Devi 557 - 570
Quality Adaptive Online Double Auction in Participatory Sensing PDF
Jaya Mukhopadhyay, Vikash Kumar Singh, Sachchida Nand Mishra, Sajal Mukhopadhyay, Anita Pal 571 - 593
Analysis of Fractional Schrödinger Equation Occurring in Quantum Mechanics PDF
V. Parthiban, A. Manivannan 595 - 607
Regular Interval-Valued Intuitionistic Fuzzy Graphs PDF
S. N. Mishra, A. Pal 609 - 621
On \(\mathit{fgspr}\)-Closed and \(\mathit{fgspr}\)-Open Mappings PDF
M. Thiruchelvi, Gnanambal Ilango 623 - 634
Roman Domination on Acyclic Permutation Graphs PDF
Angshu Kumar Sinha, Sachchidanand Mishra, Akul Rana, Anita Pal 635 - 648
Penalty Matrix-based PageRank Algorithm PDF
B. Jaganathan, Kalyani Desikan 649 - 656
On Achromatic Coloring of Corona Graphs PDF
D. Vijayalakshmi, N. Nithya Devi 657 - 663
3-Total Sum Cordial Labeling on Some New Graphs PDF
Poulomi Ghosh, Sumonta Ghosh, Anita Pal 665 - 673
Properties of Intuitionistic \(\beta\)-Open Mappings PDF
A. Singaravelan, Gnanambal Ilango 675 - 684
\(L(2,1)\)-Labeling of Cartesian Product of Complete Bipartite Graph and Path PDF
Sumonta Ghosh, Satyabrata Paul, Anita Pal 685 - 698
Solution of a Class of Fourth Order Singular Singularly Perturbed Boundary Value Problems by Haar Wavelets Method and Quintic B-Spline Method PDF
Kailash Yadav, J. P. Jaiswal 699 - 710
Exponential Stability Analysis of Difference Equation for Impulsive System PDF
Elizabeth S., Nirmal Veena S. 711 - 719
On Detour Distance Laplacian Energy PDF
V. Kaladevi, A. Abinayaa 721 - 732
On \(\alpha\)-Continuity in Intuitionistic Topological Spaces PDF
Gnanambal Ilango, T. A. Albinaa 733 - 740
Bipartite Graphs Associated with 3 Uniform Semigraphs of Trees and its Topological Indices PDF
V. Kala Devi, K. Marimuthu 741 - 750
Wiener, Hyper Wiener and Detour Index of Pseudoregular Graphs PDF
S. Kavithaa, V. Kaladevi 751 - 763
A Study on Total Rebellion Number in Graphs PDF
V. Mohanaselvi, P. Shyamala Anto Mary, A. Monisha 765 - 773
Solution of Black-Scholes Equation on Barrier Option PDF
S. Meena, J. Vernold Vivin 775 - 780
Image Compression of 2-D Continuous Exponential Functions, Continuous Periodic Functions and Product of Sine and Cosine Functions using Discrete Wavelet Transform PDF
G. K. Jagatheswari, Murugesan R., Gajanan V. Honnavar 781 - 790
A Note on Circular Distance Energy and Circular Distance Laplacian Energy PDF
V. Kaladevi, R. Bhuvaneshwari 791 - 797
On RFG-Closed Sets in Topological Spaces PDF
M. Vigneshwaran, M. Velmeenal 799 - 814
Global Domination in Bipolar Fuzzy Graphs PDF
V. Mohanaselvi, S. Sivamani, N. Revathi 815 - 825
Fuzzy Soft Min-Max Decision Making and its Applications PDF
V. Inthumathi, V. Chitra, S. Jayasree 827 - 834
On Acyclic Coloring of Mycielskians PDF
Kaliraj K., Kowsalya V., Vernold Vivin J. 835 - 842
On Soft \(\textit{Ig}^*\) Closed Sets in Soft Ideal Topological Spaces PDF
V. Inthumathi, V. Chitra, K. Ponmani 843 - 853
Spectral Properties of \(k\)-Quasi \(^*\)Parahyponormal Operators PDF
D. Senthilkumar, S. Parvatham 855 - 862
Delay Dependent Robust Stability of A Discrete Time Recurrent Neural Network with Time Varying Delays PDF
Elizabeth S., Priya P. 863 - 872
A SIR Epidemic Model with Primary Immunodeficiency and Time Delay PDF
Elizabeth Sebastian, Priyanka Victor 873 - 887
Approximate Controllability of Nonlinear Stochastic Integrodifferential Third Order Dispersion System PDF
R. Nirmalkumar, R. Murugesu 889 - 902
Modelling Deforestation Due to Human Population and Its Effect on Farm Fields PDF
Elizabeth Sebastian, Preethi Victor 903 - 913
\(k\)-Odd Edge Mean Labeling of Some Basic Graphs PDF
K. Amuthavalli, S. Dineshkumar 915 - 921
Secure Triple Connected Domination Number of a Graph PDF
K. Ameenal Bibi, S.E. Annie Jasmine 923 - 935
\(b\)-Chromatic Number of Triple Star Graph Families PDF
D. Vijayalakshmi, M. Kalpana 937 - 947
A New Encryption Technique Using Detour Metric Dimension PDF
V. Kala Devi, K. Marimuthu 949 - 955
Fuzzy Idealization on \(gb\)-Continuity PDF
V. Chitra, V. Indhumathi, C. Selvapriya 957 - 967
Radio Geometric Mean Labeling of Some Star Like Graphs PDF
V. Hemalatha, V. Mohanaselvi, K. Amuthavalli 969 - 977
Soft \(D_\mu\)-Compactness in Soft Generalized Topological Spaces PDF
K. Baby, M. Vigneshwaran 979 - 984
Nonlinear Radiative Effects on MHD Flow Past a Nonlinearly Stretching Surface Embedded in a Porous Medium PDF
A. David Maxim Gururaj, S.P. Anjali Devi 985 - 997

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