Vol 2, No 3 (2015)

Table of Contents

Research Article

Ultracold Rubidium Atoms Excited to Rydberg Levels PDF
D. Ciampini, O. Morsch, E. Arimondo 161-167
Terahertz Radiation Emission from A Surface Wave Pumped Free Electron Laser PDF
Jyotsna Panwar, Suresh C. Sharma, Rinku Sharma 169-178
Quantum Mechanical Rate Coefficient of Formation of HD Molecule at Ultracold Temperatures: Its Importance in Interstellar Cooling PDF
Ranga Santosh, Subhas Ghosal 179-186
Exact Diagonalization Study of Double Quantum Dot System in Zero-bandwidth Limit PDF
Haroon ., M. A.H. Ahsan 187-193
Role of Plasma and Doping Elements on the Growth and Field Emission Properties of Metallic Carbon Nanotube (CNT) Tip Placed over Cylindrical Surface PDF
Suresh C. Sharma, Aarti Tewari, Ravi Gupta 195-206
Multiple Nonlinear Optical Response of Gold Decorated-Reduced Graphene Oxide-Nanocomposite for Photonic Applications PDF
Sudhakara Reddy Bongu, Prem B. Bisht, Tran V. Thu, Adarsh Sandhu 207-214
Role of Plasma Parameters on the Growth and Field Emission Properties of 2D Graphene Sheet PDF
Neha Gupta, Aarti Tewari, Suresh C. Sharma 215-227
Electronic Excited States of the Dihalomethanes, \(\rm CH_2X_2 \ (X=Cl, Br, I)\) PDF
Aparna Shastri, Anuvab Mandal, Param Jeet Singh, B. N. Jagatap 229-241
AB Initio Study of Coinage Metal Doped Graphene Nano Ribbons PDF
Pankaj Srivastava, Subhra Dhar, Neeraj K. Jaiswal 243-250
Effect on THz Surface Plasmons of A Density Modulated Relativistic Electron Beam in A Parallel Plane Semiconducting Structure PDF
Pratibha Malik, Suresh C. Sharma, Rinku Sharma 251-261

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