Vol 11, No 2 (2020)

Table of Contents

Research Articles

Fixed Point Theorems for a Demicontractive Mapping and Equilibrium Problems in Hilbert Spaces PDF
Wongvisarut Khuangsatung, Sarawut Suwannaut 181 - 198
Common Fixed Point Results for Three Multivalued \(\rho\)-Nonexpansive Mappings by Using Three Steps Iterative Scheme PDF
Reena Morwal, Anju Panwar 199 - 214
On Eigenvalues of Hermitian-Adjacency Matrix PDF
Olayiwola Babarinsa, Azfi Zaidi Mohammad Sofi, Mohd Asrul Hery Ibrahim, Hailiza Kamarulhaili, Dlal Bashir 215 - 220
All 2-potent Elements in \(\mathit{Hyp}_G(2)\) PDF
Apatsara Sareeto, Sorasak Leeratanavalee 221 - 232
Characterizing Almost Quasi-\(\Gamma\)-ideals and Fuzzy Almost Quasi-\(\Gamma\)-ideals of \(\Gamma\)-semigroups PDF
Anusorn Simuen, Khwancheewa Wattanatripop, Ronnason Chinram 233 - 240
A New Approach to Multivalued Certain Contraction Mappings PDF
Cafer Aydın, Seher Sultan Yeşilkaya 241 - 252
Vertex and Edge Connectivity of the Zero Divisor graph \(\Gamma[\mathbb{Z}_n]\) PDF
B. Surendranath Reddy, Rupali S. Jain, N. Laxmikanth 253 - 258
Multiple Intruder Locating Dominating Sets in Graphs: An Algorithmic Approach PDF
K. Venugopal, K. A. Vidya 259 - 269
Spectral Analysis of Klein-Gordon Difference Operator Given by a General Boundary Condition PDF
Nihal Yokus, Nimet Coskun 271 - 279
Matrix Sequences of Tribonacci and Tribonacci-Lucas Numbers PDF
Yüksel Soykan 281 - 295

eISSN 0975-8607; pISSN 0976-5905