Characterizing Almost Quasi-\(\Gamma\)-ideals and Fuzzy Almost Quasi-\(\Gamma\)-ideals of \(\Gamma\)-semigroups

Anusorn Simuen, Khwancheewa Wattanatripop, Ronnason Chinram


In this paper, we dene the concepts of almost quasi-\(\Gamma\)-ideals and almost quasi-\(\Gamma\)-ideals of a \(\Gamma\)-semigroup. Moreover, we give some relationship between almost quasi-\(\Gamma\)-ideals and fuzzy almost quasi-\(\Gamma\)-ideals of \(\Gamma\)-semigroups.


quasi-\(\Gamma\)-ideals, almost quasi-\(\Gamma\)-ideals, fuzzy almost quasi-\(\Gamma\)-ideals

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