Vol 10, No 3 (2019)

Table of Contents

Research Articles

The Dynamics and Analysis of Stage-Structured Predator-Prey Model With Prey Refuge and Harvesting Involving Disease in Prey Population PDF
Azhar Abbas Majeed 337 - 359
Weighted \((k,n)\)-arcs of Type \((n-q,n)\) and Maximum Size of \((h,m)\)-arcs in \(\mathrm{PG}(2,q)\) PDF
Mustafa T. Yaseen, Ali Hasan Ali, Ibrahim A. Shanan 361 - 368
Existence and Convergence Theorems For Best Proximity Points of Proximal Multi-Valued Nonexpansive Mappings PDF
Panitarn Sarnmeta, Suthep Suantai 369 - 377
On Asymptotically \(f\)-statistical Equivalent Set Sequences in the Sense of Wijsman PDF
Şükran Konca, Mehmet Küçükaslan 379 - 390
Degree-Magic Labelings on the Join and Composition of Complete Tripartite Graphs PDF
Phaisatcha Inpoonjai 391 - 402
Generalized Szász-Kantorovich Type Operators PDF
Arun Kajla, Serkan Araci, Meenu Goyal, Mehmet Acikgoz 403 - 413
On Zagreb Indices of Two New Operations of Graphs PDF
A. Bharali, J. Buragohain, A. Mahanta 415 - 427
Split Jacobsthal and Jacobsthal-Lucas Quaternions PDF
Tülay Yağmur 429 - 438
On Generalized Absolute Matrix Summability of Infinite Series PDF
Hikmet S. Özarslan, Ahmet Karakaş 439 - 446
Gaussian Quadrature for Two-Point Singularly Perturbed Boundary Value Problems with Exponential Fitting PDF
K. Phaneendra, M. Lalu 447 - 467
A New Generalization of Pell-Lucas Numbers (Bi-Periodic Pell-Lucas Sequence) PDF
Sukran Uygun, Hasan Karatas 469 - 479
A New Approach to Operations on Neutrosophic Soft Sets and to Neutrosophic Soft Topological Spaces PDF
Taha Yasin Ozturk, Cigdem Gunduz Aras, Sadi Bayramov 481 - 493
A New Combination of Lagrangean Relaxation, Dantzig-Wolfe Decomposition and Benders Decomposition Methods for Exact Solution of the Mixed Integer Programming Problems PDF
Hadi Mohammadi, Esmaile Khorram 495 - 508
Morphisms Between Grassmannian Complex and Higher Order Tangent Complex PDF
Sadaqat Hussain, Raziuddin Siddiqui 509 - 518
Semi Unit Graphs of Commutative Semi Rings PDF
Yaqoub Ahmed, M. Aslam 519 - 530
Hölder Type Inequalities Involving Tracy-Singh Products and Khatri-Rao Products of Hilbert Space Operators PDF
Arnon Ploymukda, Pattrawut Chansangiam 531 - 540
A Deep One-Pass Learning based on Pre-Training Weights for Smartphone-Based Recognition of Human Activities and Postural Transitions PDF
Setthanun Thongsuwan, Praveen Agarwal, Saichon Jaiyen 541 - 560
Bounds for Toader Mean in Terms of Arithmetic and Second Seiffert Means PDF
Zai-Yin He, Yue-Ping Jiang, Yu-Ming Chu 561- 570
A Mathematical Analysis and Modelling of Hepatitis B Model with Non-Integer Time Fractional Derivative PDF
Muhammad Farman, Aqeel Ahmad, M. Umer Saleem, Amina Hafeez 571 - 584
A New Approach for the Solution of Space-Time Fractional Order Heat-Like Partial Differential Equations by Residual Power Series Method PDF
Ali Demir, Mine Aylin Bayrak 585 - 597
Two Classes of Integrals Involving Extended Wright Type Generalized Hypergeometric Function PDF
A. Ghaffar, A. Saif, M. Iqbal, M. Rizwan 599 - 606
Homogeneous Sagbi Bases Under Polynomial Composition PDF
Nazish Kanwal 607 - 616
Embankment Surfaces in Euclidean 3-Space and Their Visualizations PDF
Ahmet Kazan, H. Bayram Karadağ 617 - 636
Lower Bounds for Gas Turbines Aircraft Engines PDF
Mahdi Jemmali, Loai Kayed Bani Melhim, Sayer Obaid B. Alharbi, Abdullah Saeed Bajahzar 637 - 642
Binomial Transform of the Generalized \(k\)-Fibonacci Numbers PDF
Sergio Falcón 643 - 651
Approximate Solutions for the Projects Revenues Assignment Problem PDF
Mahdi Jemmali 653 - 658

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