Vol 4, No 1 (2013)

Table of Contents

Research Articles

Weierstrass Representation for Minimal Surfaces into BCV-Spaces PDF
M. Koivogui, L. Todjihounde, M. Kourouma 1-10
Factorization of Polynomials with Analytic Coefficients PDF
Wayne Lawton 11-13
Finiteness of the Cyclic Group Related to the Group Inverse of A Matrix and Finite Markov Chains PDF
Hanifa Zekraoui 15-20
Application of Chebyshev Polynomials to the Approximate Solution of Singular Integral Equations of the First Kind with Cauchy Kernel on the Real Half-line PDF
J. Ahmadi Shali, A. Jodayree Akbarfam, M. Kashfi 21-28
Invariant Submanifolds of Sasakian Manifolds Admitting Semi-symmetric Metric Connection PDF
B. S. Anitha, C. S. Bagewadi 29-38
A Solution Method for Semidefinite Variational Inequality with Coupled Constraints PDF
Li Wang, Shiyun Wang 39-48
A Class of Univalent Functions with Negative Coefficients defined by Hadamard Product with Komatu Integral Operator PDF
T. N. Shanmugam, C. Ramachandran, R. Ambrose Prabhu 49-59
Morphisms of Vector Groupoids PDF
Vasile Popuţa, Gheorghe Ivan 61-73
Differential Harnack Estimate for A Nonlinear Parabolic Equation under List's Flow PDF
Bingqing Ma 75-83
Generalized f-semiperfect Modules PDF
Burcu Nişancı Türkmen, Ali Pancar 85-92

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