Solving Goal Programming by Alternative Simplex Method




Goal programming problem, Optimal solution, Alternative simplex method


It is found that the simplex algorithm is immensely used and proficient algorithm ever invented and shown extremely accurate in the formulation of optimization problems. In this paper, an alternative simplex method with some modifications has been used to solve Goal programming problem. This method is a new approach which solve goal programming problem easily and gives improved solution in comparatively less iterations.


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Author Biography

Girish M. Dhote, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Yeshwantrao Chavan College of Engineering, Nagpur 441110, Maharastra, India



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Dhote, M. G., Dhote, G. M., & Meshram, A. (2024). Solving Goal Programming by Alternative Simplex Method. Communications in Mathematics and Applications, 14(5), 1507–1514.



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