Certain Results on \((k,\mu)\)-Contact Metric Manifold endowed with Concircular Curvature Tensor





\((k,\mu)\)-Contact metric manifold, non-Sasakian, Concircular curvature tensor, \(\eta\)-Einstein manifold, Scalar curvature


The purpose of this paper is to study concircular curvature tensor on \((k,\mu)\)-contact metric manifold. Here, first we consider \(\phi\)-concircularly flat \((k,\mu)\)-contact metric manifold. Next, we describe concircularly pseudo-symmetric \((k,\mu)\)-contact metric manifold. Later, we study concircularly \(\phi\)-recurrent \((k,\mu)\)-contact metric manifold. Finally, we provide the three dimensional example for the existence of non-Sasakian concircularly \(\phi\)-recurrent \((k,\mu)\)-contact metric manifold.


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