Vol 10, No 1-2 (2018)

Table of Contents

Research Articles

On Isometric Error-Correcting Codes over Finite Fields of Prime Order PDF
T. I. Katsaounis 1 - 11
Minimum Equitable Dominating Partition Energy of a Graph PDF
Sashi Kanth Reddy Avula, P. Siva Kota Reddy, K. N. Prakasha 13 - 22
MATLAB Programming to Implement Quantum Walk Algorithm for Presenting Probability Distributions of Quantum Walks PDF
Lila Yuwana, Agus Purwanto, Endarko Endarko 23 - 32
Characterization of Delta Operator for Poisson-Charlier Polynomials PDF
A. Maheswaran 33 - 43
An Umbrella Surface in \(\mathbb{R}^{3}\) as An Orbit Surface PDF
Senay Baydas, Bulent Karakas 45 - 53
Influence of Poynting-Robertson Drag and Oblateness on Existence and Stability of Out of Plane Equilibrium Points in Spatial Elliptic Restricted Three Body Problem PDF
A. Chakraborty, A. Narayan 55 - 72
Dynamics of Oblate Test Particle under the Influence of Oblate and Radiating Primaries in Elliptic Restricted Three Body Problem PDF
A. Narayan, A. Chakraborty, A. Dewangan 73 - 92
Improving Cassification Engine in Content based Image Retrieval by Multi-point Queries via Pareto Approach PDF
Van-Hieu Vu, Truong-Thang Nguyen, Huu-Quynh Nguyen, Quoc-Tao Ngo 93 - 108
Improved Binary Tree Coding for Image Compression using Modified Singular Value Decomposition PDF
Naveen Kumar, B. N. Jagadale, J. S. Bhat 109 - 118
Experience of a New Dedicated Meta-analysis Tool in Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis on Training Performances of Virtual Reality Bronchoscopy Simulation PDF
Massoud Sokouti, Ramin Sadeghi, Saeid Pashazadeh, Saeed Eslami Hasan Abadi, Moshen Sokouti, Morteza Ghojazadeh, Babak Sokouti 119 - 132
Type-2 Fuzzy Equivalence Relation on A Groupoid under Balanced and Semibalanced Maps PDF
Dhiman Dutta, Mausumi Sen 133 - 151
About Atom Bond Connectivity and Geometric-Arithmetic Indices of Special Chemical Molecular and Nanotubes PDF
Mohammad Reza Farahani, Mohamad Nazri Husin, Waqas Nazeer 153 - 160
Fibonacci, Lucas Numbers with Daul Bicomplex Numbers PDF
Faik Babadag 161 - 172
Local Closure Functions in Hereditary Generalized Topological Spaces PDF
R. Ramesh, Krishna Prakash, N. Anbumani 173 - 179
An Ensemble Learning Approach to the Predictive Stability of Echo State Networks PDF
Qiuyi Wu, Ernest Fokoue, Dhireesha Kudithipudi 181 - 199
Nonnegative Matrix Factorization with Toeplitz Penalty PDF
Matthew Corsetti, Ernest Fokoué 201 - 215
Speeding Up the Partial Digest Algorithm PDF
Hazem M. Bahig, Mostafa M. Abbas 217 - 225
Binet Forms Involving Golden Ratio and Two Variables: Convolution Identities PDF
R. Rangarajan, Honnegowoda C.K. 227 - 236
Solving Non-Homogeneous Coupled Linear Matrix Differential Equations in Terms of Matrix Convolution Product and Hadamard Product PDF
Sarat Saechai, Pattrawut Chansangiam 237 - 245
A Dual Method to Study Motion of A Robot End-Effector PDF
Burak Şahiner, Mustafa Kazaz, Hasan Hüseyin Uğurlu 247 - 259
Free Convective Unsteady MHD Flow in Slip-Flow Regime Past A Vertical Plate with A Convective Surface Boundary Condition PDF
Preeti Garg, G. N. Purohit, R. C. Chaudhary 261 - 270
Differential Transform Method in General Orthogonal Curvilinear Coordinates PDF
Vimala P., Blessie Omega P. 271 - 278
Effect of Blade Design on Angular Velocity of Vertical Axis Wind Turbine – CFD Analysis PDF
Arun Prakash C., Ponsuganth Ilangovan P., Nitin Joy, Subramanian R. 279 - 285
Analysis of Heat Transfer of Cu-Water Nanofluid Flow Past a Moving Wedge PDF
M. Shanmugapriya 287 - 296
Behaviour of Concrete Filled Steel Tubes PDF
Sangeetha P., Ashwin Muthuraman R.M., Dachina G., Dhivya M., Janani S., Sai Madumathi 297 - 304
Rheodynamic Lubrication of an Externally Pressurized Converging Circular Thrust Bearing using Bingham Lubricant PDF
I. Jayakaran Amalraj, G. Alexander Raymand 305 - 312
Multi Stage Power Generation in An Open Canal System by Accelerated Flow PDF
Adhithiya Sivakumar, Anandh R., Arjun Anantharaman, Suresh M. 313 - 320
A Study on Arithmetic Integer Additive Set-Indexers of Graphs PDF
Sudev Naduvath 321 - 332
Remarks on Common Fixed Point Results in \(C^*\)-Algebra-Valued Metric Spaces PDF
Lakshmi Kanta Dey, Tanusri Senapati 333 - 337
An Algorithm for Improving Algebraic Degree of S-Box Coordinate Boolean Functions Based on Affine Equivalence Transformation PDF
Hoang Duc Tho, Nguyen Truong Thang, Nguyen Thi Thu Nga, Pham Quoc Hoang 339 - 350
Vorticity and Stress Tensor PDF
M. J. Vedan, Susan Mathew Panakkal 351 - 357
Variable Viscosity of Casson Fluid Flow Over A Stretching Sheet in Porous Media with Newtonian Heating PDF
Kartini Ahmad, Syafrina Abdul Halim, Zahir Hanouf 359 - 370
Natural Convection Flow of Nanofluids in Squeeze Film with an Exponential Curvature PDF
Vimala P., Manimegalai K. 371 - 381

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