Free Convective Unsteady MHD Flow in Slip-Flow Regime Past A Vertical Plate with A Convective Surface Boundary Condition

Preeti Garg, G. N. Purohit, R. C. Chaudhary


This paper examines the unsteady free convective viscous incompressible MHD flow past a vertical porous flat plate with convective surface boundary condition in slip flow regime under the influence of uniform magnetic field acting perpendicular to the porous surface. Assuming time dependent variable suction velocity at the porous plate, analytical expressions for the flow characteristics are obtained by using perturbation technique which converts the non-linear partial differential equations into ordinary differential equations. The effect of various parameters such as Prandtl number, Grashoff number, the Magnetic field parameter, Suction parameter and Convective heat change parameter on the transient velocity, transient temperature, skin friction coefficient and the rate of heat transfer are discussed with the help of graphs.


Free convection; Magneto-hydrodynamics; Boundary layer; Vertical porous plate; Suction velocity; Convective boundary condition; Slip-flow regime

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