Commutativity and Commutative Pairs of Some Differential Equations

Mehmet Emir Koksal


In this study, explicit differential equations representing commutative pairs of some well-known second-order linear time-varying systems have been derived. The commutativity of these systems are investigated by considering 30 second-order linear differential equations with variable coefficients. It is shown that the system modeled by each one of these equations has a commutative pair with(or without) some conditions or not. There appear special cases such that both, only one or neither of the original system and its commutative pair has explicit analytic solution. Some benefits of commutativity have already been mentioned in the literature but a new application in cryptology for obscuring transmitted signals in telecommunication is illustrated in this paper.


Commutativity, differential equations, analytic solutions, analogue control, robust control, cryptology

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