Hybrid Uncertainties Modeling for Production Planning Problems

Hamijah Mohd. Rahman, Nureize Arbaiy, Pei-Chun Lin


The formulated mathematical model needs pre-determined and precise model parametersto find a solution. However, the model parameters such as coefficient value are usually not precisely known. Coefficient plays a pivotal role sincethe coefficientcouldprovide important information in relationship between algebraic and linguistic expression. Existing method which is commonly used to generate the precise parametric valuesis unable to handle the coexistence of fuzzy information. Moreover, selecting real numbers for coefficients in random process increases the complexity inprogramming process. Hence, we proposed a fuzzy random regression method in this paper to estimate the precise coefficient values which contains fuzzy random information. An illustrative numerical example is provided to deduce coefficient values from different data representation which included the fuzziness and randomness.The coefficients were treated based on the property of fuzzy random regression. The approach results show that we have the significant capabilities to estimate the coefficient value and improve the model which retain the simultaneous uncertainties and set up in production planning problem.


Production planning; Coefficient estimation; Hybrid uncertainties; Fuzzy random variable; Fuzzy random regression

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.26713%2Fcma.v8i2.709


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