Almost Periodic Dynamic of a Discrete Wazewska-Lasota Model

Yoshihiro Hamaya


The purpose of this article is to investigate the existence of an almost periodic solution of a discrete Wazewska-Lasota model involving a linear harvesting term\[x(n+1)-x(n)= -\alpha(n)x(n+1) +\sum_{i=1}^{l}\beta_{i}(n)e^{-\gamma_{i}(n)x(n-\tau_{i}(n))}-H(n)x(n-\sigma(n)),\] by using the contraction mapping principle, and we also show that the solution of above equation converge exponentially to an almost periodic solution by constructing a luxury Liapunov functional.


Almost periodic solutions; Wazewska-Lasota model; Exponential dichotomy; Liapunov functional

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