Forthcoming Articles

The following articles have been accepted for publication in Vol. 14, Number 2, 2023 (Current status: Galley proofs are being sent to the corresponding author(s)).  

  • FRW Viscous Cosmology for varying \(G\), \(c\) and \(\Lambda\), with Inhomogeneous Equation of State
  • Finite Population And Finite Capacity Single Server Batch Service Queue With Single Vacation And Impatient.
  • MHD Stagnation-point Flow with Viscous Dissipation and Chemical Reaction effects: Numerical Study
  • Approximate method for solving system of Linear Fredholm Fractional Integro-Differential Equations using Least Squares method and Lauguerre Polynomials
  • Forccheimer Flow of Williamson Nano Fluid over a stretching sheet with Cattaneo- Christov heat flux in saturated porous media
  • Non-Newtonian Eyring-Powell-Casson nanofluid flow via porous medium: Numerical Analysis
  • Influence of Hall Current and Chemical Reaction on MHD Unsteady Mass and Heat Transfer Flow Under Rotation
  • On (4, 2)-Labeling of certain graphs
  • Results on The Uniqueness of Difference Polynomials With Difference Operator of Entire Functions Sharing Small Function
  • On the Radio Antipodal Mean Number of Some Grid Related Graphs
  • A Survey on Branciari Metric Spaces
  • New Relation-Theoretic Fixed Point Theorems in Revised Fuzzy Metric Spaces with an Application to Fractional Differential Equations
  • Pendant Total Domination Polynomial of Some Families of Standard Graphs
  • \(\tilde{g}\)-open sets in fuzzy topological spaces
  • Divide and conquer methods for solving linear systems
  • A Computational Analysis of The Soret and Dufour Effects on a Rotating Hybrid Nanofluid
  • Sensitivity Analysis of Vector-host Dynamic Dengue Epidemic Model
  • RF-Matrices of ARF Numerical Semigroups With Small Multiplicity
  • Image Segmentation on Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) using Some New Activation Functions
  • Common Fixed Point Theorems of Integral Type Contraction on Cone Metric Spaces and Applications
  • Analysis of Amino acids network based on nucleotide of DNA
  • Mathematical analysis of thermophoresis and chemical reaction effect on micropolar fluid flow in the presence of nano particles
  • On Nonlinear Fractional Relaxation Differential Equations
  • Analytical and Numerical Solutions for Glial Cell Interactions between Immunotherapy and Cancer Cells
  • A Mathematical Model of Brain Tumor with Radiotherapy Treatment
  • Fourth Hankel and Toeplitz determinants for Reciprocal of Bounded Turning Functions and Inverse of Reciprocal of Bounded Turning Functions Subordinate to cos z
  • On the Bounded Region for the Stratified Shear Flows in β-Plane
  • Maxwell fluid performance on free convective non-Newtonian nanofluid flow over a cone in presence of magnetic field, heat and mass transfer
  • An Analysis of the Supply Chain Model for Production System Under Selling Price Demand Rate, Controllable Deterioration Rate with Several Market Demand
  • Micropolar nanofluid flow, thermal and mass transfer properties across a stretching sheet with a predetermined surface heat flux
  • Survey on Dehazing of Multispectral Images
  • Non-Newtonian Eyring-Powell-Casson nanofluid flow via porous medium: Numerical Analysis
  • Generalized Logarithmic Divergence Measure for Intuitionistic Fuzzy Matrix
  • Incident Vertex π-Coloring of Graphs
  • The Study Of Activation Energy Of Magnetohydrodynamic Radiative Casson Nanofluid With Darcyforchheimer Flow And Cattaneo-Christov Heat Flux Model
  • Intelligent Surveillance Drone System for Health Care Enhancement in a Smart City
  • On the On the Square free detour number of windmill graphs
  • Driver Predictions and Energy Consumption in Car-following Model with BFL Effect
  • Restrained Weakly Connected 2-Domination in the Vertex and Edge Coronas of Graphs
  • Some Applications Via Common Coupled Fixed Points In G-Metric Spaces With Altering Distance Functions


The following articles have been accepted and scheduled for publication in Vol. 14, Number 3, 2023, i.e., the Special issue of ICGAMS-2022, PCCOE, Pune, India  (Current status: Galley proofs are being sent to the corresponding author(s)).

  1. Meshless Radial Basis Function Pseudo-Spectral Method for Solving Non-linear KdV Equation (03)
  2. Semi Analytic Numerical Solution of Imbibition Phenomenon in Homogeneous Porous Medium using Hybrid Differential Transform Finite Difference Method (07)
  3. Rough set based decision support for feature extraction of rice data (86)
  4. New Method of Cryptography with Python Code Using Elzaki Transform and Linear Combination of Functions (77)
  5. A Simple Mathematical Model for Covid-19: Case Study of Goa (34)
  6. An Adaptive Heuristic Approach to Optimize Equity Market Neutral Portfolio (80)
  7. Alzheimer’s Disease Detection Model Using RDTCWT and RNN with a Combination of LSTM and GRU (73)
  8. Role of Glucose and Oxygen Concentration on Tumor Cell: A Mathematical Model (91)
  9. Rayleigh Wave Propagation With Rotation, Two Temperature With Diffusion In Context To Dual Phase Lag Thermoelasticity (55)
  10. Performance Improvement In Speech based Emotion Recognition with DWT and ANOVA (79)
  11. Coefficient Bounds for Bi-Univalent Functions with Ruscheweyh Derivative and Salagean Operator (65)
  12. Weakly zero divisor graph of a lattice (98)
  13. Early Detection of Diabetic Retinopathy using Deep Convolutional Neural Network (94)
  14. Impact of Temperature variation on calcium profiling in a neuronal cell due to Cancer: A Steady-State Case (75)
  15. Analyze the Novel Apriori Algorithm for Frequent Pattern Generation and Improving the Performance by Generating Powersets for Unique Records (93)

The following articles have been accepted and scheduled for publication in Vol. 14, Number 4, 2023, i.e., the Special issue of ICRTACM-2022 (Current status: Galley proofs are being sent to the corresponding author(s)).

  1. Linear and nonlinear analysis of Rayleigh Benard convection in a micropolar fluid occupying enclosures
    with realistic boundaries (016)
  2. Some Bounds On a-Analogue Atom Bond Connectivity Related Indices (013)
  3. Roman domination in the shadow distance graphs (096)
  4. Couple Stress Fluid Flow in A Doubly Connected Region Bounded by Elliptic Cylinders (093)
  5. Linear study of Ferromagnetic convection in nanofluids under the effect of variable viscosity (113)
  6. Fixed Points of Meromorphic Functions Concerning Exponential and Linear Difference Polynomials (026)
  7. Effect of Micropolar fluid to study the characteristics of squeeze film between porous curved annular plates (023)
  8. Unsteady Diffusive Mass transfer in a Follicle Modelled as an Annular Region (080)
  9. Independent Domination Degree of Standard Graphs of Adriatic (a,b)-KA Indices (049)
  10. An Approach to Estimate the Parameters of Aiba-Edward Growth Model Using the Growth of Escherichia Coli (028)
  11. Star rainbow coloring in graphs (70)
  12. Effect of Couple Stresses on Peristaltic Flow in a Doubly Connected Region (094)
  13. An Application Of Differential Transform Method To Solve An Epidemic Model - Ebola Virus Disease Outbreaks (045)
  14. M-polynomials and degree-based topological indices of Mycielskian of paths and cycles (039)
  15. Effect Of Micropolar Fluid Flow On Unsteady Convective Diffusive Mass Transfer In Doubly Connected Region (095)
  16. Restrained and Total Restrained Domination of Ladder graphs (088)
  17. Convection in ferromagnetic nanoliquids under terrestrial gravity condition with the effect of non-inertial acceleration (120) 

The following articles have been accepted for publication in Vol. 14, Number 5, 2023

  1. Numerical Approximation of Stochastic Volterra-Fredholm Integral Equation using Walsh Function
  2. \(\lambda\)-\(\Delta^m\)-Statistical Convergence on Intuitionistic Fuzzy Normed Spaces
  3. Stability of a quadratic-reciprocal functional equation: direct method
  4. On the Hyper Zagreb Indices of the subdivision related composite graphs
  5. Stability of Generalized Quartic functional equation in Random Norm spaces
  6. TBA
  7. TBA
  8. Article will be added after peer-review