Embankment Surfaces in Euclidean 3-Space and Their Visualizations


  • Ahmet Kazan Department of Computer Technologies, Dogan¸sehir Vahap Küçük Vocational School of Higher Education, Malatya Turgut í–zal University, Malatya
  • H. Bayram Karadağ Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Inönü University, Malatya




Cone, Directrix, Embankment Surface, Gaussian Curvature, Mean curvature


In the present paper, we obtain the parametric representation of an embankment surface and give an example for it. We define the notions of embankmentlike surfaces and tubembankmentlike surfaces. Furthermore, we create some embankmentlike and tubembankmentlike surface examples with the aid of different directrix and draw these directrix and surfaces. Also, we find the Gaussian, mean and second Gaussian curvatures of these surfaces and draw the Gaussian, mean and second Gaussian curvature functions' graphics and the variations of Gaussian, mean and second Gaussian curvatures on related surfaces with the aid of Mathematica.


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