On Generalized Absolute Matrix Summability of Infinite Series


  • Hikmet S. í–zarslan Department of Mathematics, Erciyes University, 38039 Kayseri
  • Ahmet Karakaş Department of Mathematics, Erciyes University, 38039 Kayseri




Summability factors, Absolute matrix summability, Almost increasing sequence, Infinite series, Hölder inequality, Minkowski inequality


In this paper, we have generalized a known theorem on \(|\bar{N},p_n|_{k}\) summability factors of infinite series with a new summability method by using almost increasing sequences. This new theorem also includes several new and known results.


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í–zarslan, H. S., & Karakaş, A. (2019). On Generalized Absolute Matrix Summability of Infinite Series. Communications in Mathematics and Applications, 10(3), 439–446. https://doi.org/10.26713/cma.v10i3.603



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