Pythagorean Fuzzy Strong Bi-ideal and Direct Product of Pythagorean Fuzzy Ideals in Near Ring




Strong bi-ideal, Near ring, Pythagorean fuzzy set, Direct product


In this paper, we introduce the notions of Pythagorean fuzzy strong bi-ideals and Direct Product Pythagorean fuzzy ideals in near ring. Also, study some of their related properties in detail.


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Author Biography

J. Marynirmala, Department of Mathematics, Annamalai University, Annamalai Nagar, Tamil Nadu, India




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Marynirmala, J., & Sivakumar, D. (2021). Pythagorean Fuzzy Strong Bi-ideal and Direct Product of Pythagorean Fuzzy Ideals in Near Ring. Communications in Mathematics and Applications, 12(4), 1079–1100.



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