Roughness Applied to Generalized \(\Gamma\)-ideals of Ordered LA \(\Gamma\)-Semigroups


  • Moin Akhtar Ansari Department of Mathematics, College of Science, New Campus, Post Box 2097, Jazan University, Jazan



LA-\(\Gamma\)-semigroups, Rough sets, Rough (left, right, quasi, bi, prime and interior)-\(\Gamma\)-ideals


In this paper, we have applied rough set theory to generalized ordered \(\Gamma\)-ideals in ordered LA \(\Gamma\)-semigroups by using a new type of relations called pseudoorder of relations. Based on this relation we have studied properties of rough ideals, rough interior ideals, rough quasi-ideals, rough bi-ideals and rough prime ideals in ordered LA-\(\Gamma\)-semigroups and have shown that lower and upper approximations of an LA-\(\Gamma\)-subsemigroups (resp., left ideals, right ideals, interior ideals, two-sided ideals, quasi-ideals, bi-ideals and prime ideals) in an ordered LA-\(\Gamma\)-semigroup is an LA-\(\Gamma\) subsemigroups (resp., left ideals, right ideals, interior ideals, two-sided ideals, quasi-ideals, bi-ideals and prime ideals).


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