The Dynamics and Analysis of Stage-Structured Predator-Prey Model With Prey Refuge and Harvesting Involving Disease in Prey Population


  • Azhar Abbas Majeed Department of Mathematic, Collage of Science, University of Baghdad, Baghdad



Eco-epidemiological model, SI epidemic disease, Prey-predator model, Refuge, Stage structure, Harvest, Lyapunove function


In this paper, a mathematical model consisting of the prey-predator model with SI infectious disease in prey is proposed and analyzed. The model includes harvesting on the infected prey population, it is assume that the disease is not transmitted from prey to predator. In addition, the disease spread by contact between susceptible individuals and infected individuals, the mature predator only can predate the susceptible and infected prey which are outside refuge according to Lotka-Volterra type of functional response. While, the immature predator depends completely in it's feeding on the mature predator. The existence, uniqueness and boundedness of the solution are discussed. The stability analysis of all possible equilibrium points is studied. Also, Lyapunove function is used to study the global dynamics of the model. Further, the effect of the disease, refuge and harvest on the dynamical of the system is discussed using numerical simulation.


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