Vol 11, No 2 (2019)

Table of Contents

Research Articles

Some Restrictions on R&D Networks PDF
Mohamad Alghamdi 99 - 113
Solving Multi Objective Linear Fractional Programming Problem Under Uncertainty via Robust Optimization Approach PDF
Moslem Ganji, Mansour Saraj 115 - 123
Binomial Coefficients and Powers of One Type of Large Pentadiagonal Matrices PDF
Ahmet Öteleş, Zekeriya Yalcin Karatas 125 - 132
The Forward Kinematics of Rolling Contact of Timelike Surfaces With Spacelike Trajectory Curves PDF
Mehmet Aydinalp, Mustafa Kazaz, Hüseyin Uğurlu 133 - 146
Strongly \(T_{k}{^{g^{*}}}\)-Spaces PDF
R. Parimelazhagan, V. Jeyalakshmi 147 - 154
Constructing Recursive MDS Matrices Effective for Implementation from Reed-Solomon Codes and Preserving the Recursive Property of MDS Matrix of Scalar Multiplication PDF
Tran Thi Luong, Nguyen Ngoc Cuong, Hoang Duc Tho 155 - 177
Cordial Labeling of Cartesian Product between two Balanced Bipartite Graphs PDF
Sumonta Ghosh, Surjeet Mohanty, Anita Pal 179 - 193
Numerical Integration of Singularly Perturbed Differential-Difference Problem Using Non Polynomial Interpolating Function PDF
M. Adilaxmi, D. Bhargavi, K. Phaneendra 195 - 208
Overcoming Adverse Effects of Correlations in Microarray Data Analysis PDF
Linlin Chen, Haiyan Su 209 - 219
Effectiveness of Educational Technology Applications in Saudi Arabian Secondary Schools PDF
Abdullah Alenezi 221 - 233

Review Article(s)

A Review on Dynamical Nature of Systems of Nonlinear Difference Equations PDF
İnci Okumuş, Yüksel Soykan 235 - 251

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