Vol 6, No 2 (2014)

Table of Contents

Research Articles

Modern Method to Compute the Determinants of Matrices of Order 3 PDF
Ali A.M. Ahmed, K. L. Bondar 55-60
On the Hypergroups Associated with $n$-ary Relations PDF
S. Govindarajan, G. Ramesh 61-76
The Sum and Product of Independence Numbers of Graphs and their Line Graphs PDF
Susanth C., Sunny Joseph Kalayathankal 77-85
Total Domination Polynomial of A Graph PDF
B. Chaluvaraju, V. Chaitra 87-92
A Note on $k$-Gamma Function and Pochhammer $k$-Symbol PDF
Shahid Mubeen, Abdur Rehman 93-107
On Contra $\pi g\gamma$-Continuous Functions PDF
O. Ravi, I. Rajasekaran, A. Pandi, S. Murugesan 109-121

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