Vol 4, No 1 (2012)

Table of Contents

Research Articles

Extensions of Lattice Set Functions to Regular Borel Measures PDF
P. Maritz 1-14
Robin's Inequality for Sum of Divisors Function and the Riemann Hypothesis PDF
Aleksander Grytczuk 15-21
$Y \overline{Y}$ Domination in Bipartite Graphs PDF
Y.B. Venkatakrishnan, V. Swaminathan 23-27
Numerical Analysis of Natural Gas Delivery Discrepancy PDF
Vadim Seleznev 29-37
Surface Waves in Fluid-saturated Porous Layer Bounded by A Liquid Layer and An Orthotropic Elastic Half Space PDF
P. C. Pal, Dinbandhu Mandal 39-49
Analysis and Parameter Identification of Time-delay Systems using the Chebyshev Wavelets PDF
S. H. Nasehi, M. Samavat, M. A. Vali 51-64
Fuzzy Stability of Euler-Lagrange Type Cubic Functional Equation: A Fixed Point Approach PDF
K. Ravi, R. Murali, E. Thandapani 65-75
Inference on Reliability for Cascade Model PDF
Jonali Gogoi, Munindra Borah 77-83
Modelling of the 3R Motion at Non-Parallel Planes PDF
Senay Baydas, Bulent Karakas 85-92
On the Product of Self-Adjoint Sturm-Liouville Differential Operators in Direct Sum Spaces PDF
Sobhy El-Sayed Ibrahim 93-109
Auto-Bäcklund Transformation, Lax Pairs and Painlevé Property of $u_t+p(t)uu_x+q(t)u_{xxx}+r(t)u=0$ PDF
R. Asokan 111-116
Group Theoretical Study of Certain Generating Functions for Modified Jacobi Polynomials PDF
Marawan Baker Elkhazendar 117-122
The Two-machine Flow-shop Scheduling Problem with a Single Server and Unit Server Times PDF
Shi Ling, Cheng Xue Guang 123-127

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