On Contra $\mathcal{I}_g$-continuity in Ideal Topological Spaces

M. Rajamani, V. Inthumathi, V. Chitra


In this paper, $\mathcal{I}_g$-closed sets and $\mathcal{I}_g$-open sets are used to define and investigate a new class of functions called contra $\mathcal{I}_g$-continuous functions in ideal topological spaces. We discuss the relationships with some other related functions.


$\mathcal{I}_{g}$-closed sets; $\mathcal{I}_{g}$-continuity; contra $\mathcal{I}_{g}$-continuity and contra $*$-continuity

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.26713%2Fjims.v3i3.54

eISSN 0975-5748; pISSN 0974-875X