On Some Classes of Invariant Submanifolds of \((k,\mu)\)-Contact Manifolds

M. S. Siddesha, C. S. Bagewadi


In this paper, we study invariant submanifolds of \((k,\mu)\)-contact manifolds. We consider pseudoparallel, 2-pseudoparallel, Ricci-generalized pseudoparallel, 2-Ricci-generalized pseudoparallel submanifolds of \((k,\mu)\)-contact manifolds. Further, we search for the conditions \(\mathcal{Z}(X,Y)\cdot\sigma = 0\) and \(\mathcal{Z}(X,Y )\cdot\bar{\nabla}\sigma =0\) on invariant submanifolds of \((k,\mu)\)-contact manifolds, where $\mathcal{Z}$ is the concircular curvature tensor.


Invariant submanifold; \((k,\mu)\)-contact manifold; Totally geodesic; Pseudoparallel; Ricci-generalized pseudoparallel

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eISSN 0975-5748; pISSN 0974-875X