Resonance States of Hadronic Three-Body Ions: Stabilization Method

S. Dutta, J. K. Saha, S. Bhattacharyya, T. K. Mukherjee


Bound and resonance states of symmetric three-body exotic \(pXX\) negative atomic ions \((X=\mu^{-}, \pi^{-}, K^{-})\) as well as exotic \(ppX\) positive molecular ions for total angular momentum \(J=0\), are studied in details under the framework of Stabilization method. The resonance states under consideration lie below \(N=2\) ionization threshold of the corresponding \(pX\) atom. The wave-function is expanded in correlated multi-exponent Hylleraas type basis set for explicit incorporation of \(p\)-\(p\), \(\mu\)-\(\mu\), \(\pi\)-\(\pi\) or \(K\)-\(K\) correlations. The methodology has been tested by estimating the parameters of the resonance states of \((p\mu\mu)^{-}\), \((pp\mu)^{+}\), \((p\pi\pi)^{-}\) and \((pp\pi)^{+}\) and comparing with the results existing in the literature. The interparticle interactions for all the systems under consideration are purely Coulombic. 


Three-body systems; Stabilization method; Hylleraas coordinate; Resonance state; Correlation

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