Vol 7, No 2 (2020)

Table of Contents

Research Article

A Study of the Nonlinear Optical Properties of Stilbazolium Derivative Crystal PDF
Lucas Figueiredo Ribeiro, Basilio Baseia, Clodoaldo Valverde 73 - 81
Electron Impact Excitation of Singly Charged Indium Ion PDF
Swati Bharti, Lalita Sharma 83 - 94
The Effect of Manganese(Mn) Substitutional Doping on Structural, Electronic and Magnetic Properties of Pristine Hexagonal Graphene: Using Spin Polarized Density Functional Theory PDF
Mitiku Yimer Anagaw, Sintayehu Mekonnen Hailemariam 95 - 105
Strengthening Impacts on the Auxiliary and Morphological Changes of TiO\(_2\) Degussa PDF
D. Prasanna 107 - 114
Energy Levels and Radiative Properties of Cu-like Tungsten PDF
Ravinder Kumar, Sunny Aggarwal, Narendra Singh 115 - 131

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