Vol 4 (2017)

Table of Contents

Research Article

Measurement of Electron Density and Temperature in Laser Induced Stainless Steel (SS) Plasma
Eshita Mal, Alika Khare 1 - 6
Theoretical Study of Non-additive Hard Convex Body Fluid Mixtures PDF
Tarun Kumar Dey 7 - 13
Bremsstrahlung of Fast Electrons Near Fano Resonance with Account for Polarization Channel PDF
Frank B. Rosmej, V. A. Astapenko, V. S. Lisitsa 15 - 20

Pedagogical Research Article

About the Correlation and Physical Foundation of Thermodynamic and Information Entropy: \(\Gamma\)-Phase Space and the Impact to the Outer World PDF
F. B. Rosmej, V. A. Astapenko, V. S. Lisitsa, V. A. Kurnaev 21 - 47

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