Editor: Dr. Manoj Kumar Antil
Professor and Head
Department of Mathematics
Baba Mastnath University
Asthal Bohar, Rohtak, India

ISBN (Print): 978-81-954166-8-4
ISBN (E-Book): 978-81-954166-4-6
DOI: 10.26713/978-81-954166-4-6
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Fixed point theory is a fascinating subject, with an enormous number of applications in various fields of mathematics. It is an attractive area of Functional Analysis. Fixed point theory arose from the Banach contraction principle and has been studied for a long time. Its application mostly relies on the existence of solutions to mathematical problems that are formulated from economics and engineering. Several major branches of Mathematics and Engineering including set theory, general topology, algebraic topology, robotic analysis provides natural setting for fixed point theorems. An application of fixed-point theorems encompasses diverse disciplines of mathematics, statistics, engineering, biology, and economics. Using fixed point theory techniques, it is possible to analyze several concrete problems from science and engineering, where one is concerned with a system of differential/integral/functional equations. Fixed Point theorems are the most important tools for proving the existence and the uniqueness of the solutions to various mathematical models (differential, integral, PDE and variational inequalities etc.) representing phenomena arising in the different fields. Fixed point Theory also provide mathematical basis to carry out asymptotic complexity analysis of algorithms.


  • Suzuki-Edelstein type contractions in S-metric spaces:Manoj Kumar & Pankaj Kumar
  • Fixed Point Results Employing Commuting Mappings and (\phi,\psi)-Contraction In Neutrosophic Metric Spaces: Vishal Gupta, Nitika Garg & Rajinder Sharma
  • Exploring the Existence of Common Fixed Points in the Context of Intuitionistic Fuzzy b-Metric Spaces: Anju & Vishal Gupta
  • Asymptotically Regular Mappings and Common Fixed Point in 2-Metric Spaces: Akash Singhal, Mahendra Singh Bhadauriya, Sanjay Kumar
  • Compatible Mapping and Common Fixed-Point Theorems in b Metric Spaces: Akash Singhal, Mahendra Singh Bhadauriya, Sanjay Kumar
  • Common fixed point theorems satisfying weak compatibility and (CLCS) property in the setting of G-metric spaces: Reena & Reena
  • Fixed Point Result of Compatible Mapping of Type K in Modular Metric Space: Savita Malik
  • Fixed Point Theorems in Complete Soft Multiplicative Metric Space Using Soft Multiplicative Weak Contractive Mappin: Shalini Nagpal, Sushma Devi & Manoj Kumar
  • Complete metric, Partial metric and Metric-like-spaces with an aid of simulation function: Rashmi Sharma & Shilpa
  • Common fixed point results for generalized (\phi,\psi)-weak contractive mappings in complete metric space: Manoj Kumar & Narinder Kumar
  • Application of Fixed Point Theory to Prove the Stability of Quadratic Functional Equation in Random Normed Space: Amrit, Anil Kumar & Manoj Kumar
  • Common Fixed Point Theorems for (ξ -α) Expansive Mapping in Modular Metric Spaces: Sarita, Parveen Kumar, Smiti Aggarwal & Meenakshi
  • Common fixed points theorems in partially ordered b-metric space: M.S. Pingale & N.K. Mani
  • Fixed Point Results for α-type F-expanding Mapping in Metric Spaces: Poonam, Preeti & Narender
  • Fixed point theorems for generalized (\psi-\phi)-weak contractions in S-metric space: Manoj Kumar & Deepika