Special Issue:

New Trends in Applied Mathematics and Computation

Lead guest editor:
Prof. Hakim Bendjenna, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Laarbi Tebessi, Tebessa, Algeria. Email: Hakim.bendjenna@univ-tebessa.dz

Associate editors:
Prof. Bouziani Abdelfateh
, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Larbi Ben M’hidi, Oum El Bouaghi, Algeria. Email: Bouziani@univ.oeb.dz

Dr. Smail Bouzenada, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Laarbi Tebessi University, Tebessa, Algeria. Email: smail.bouzenada@univ-tebessa.dz
Dr. Kamel Akrout, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Laarbi Tebessi University, Tebessa, Algeria. Email: kamel.akrout@univ-tebessa.dz

Aim and Scope of the Special issue: The aim of this special issue is to provide a forum for presenting current research and discussing future research directions in various fields related to control theory, applied mathematics, scientific computing and computer science. It consists mostly of papers based on talks presented at the International Conference on Recent Advances in Mathematics and Informatics, ICRAMI 2021 which will be held in Tebessa, Algeria during September 21-22, 2021 (http://icrami.cf/). ICRAMI is a refereed conference emphasising on different topics of pure mathematics and computer science.

The areas of interest include, among others, the following topics:

  • Dynamical systems, including spatiotemporal processes, control problems, state and parameter estimation, and sensor networks.
  • Fault detection and diagnosis, including model-based approaches, observers, and classifiers.
  • Fault-tolerant control, including the control of continuous-variable and quantised systems.
  • Control theory, including optimal control, system identification, adaptive and robust control.
  • Robotics, including modelling and simulation, mobile robots, and optimal trajectory planning.
  • Mathematical modelling and simulation, including numerical algorithms.
  • Optimisation, including mathematical optimisation techniques, global optimisation, and evolutionary algorithms.
  • Classification and pattern recognition.
  • Artificial intelligence, including neural networks, knowledge engineering, reasoning and learning models, expert and decision support systems, fuzzy systems, and search methods.
  • Applications in engineering and medicine.

All submissions will be managed by the Guest Editors and will go through a double-blind review process to be reviewed by at least two reviewers. A thorough check will be performed and guest editors will check for any significant similarity between the manuscript under consideration and any published papers.

Please mention in your email that the article is being submitted for "JIMS Special issue: New Trends in Applied Mathematics and Computation").

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Schedule and Key Deadlines
Submission deadline: November 1, 2021
Review notification: December 1, 2021
Revision submission: December 15, 2021
Final decision: December 25, 2021

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