Measurement of "Tone" - A Technical Aspect

Chander Shekhar Singh


The purpose of this research work is to measure the Tone value. The recorded speech material consists of the extracted portion \textbf{\`{o}} of a syllable \textbf{k\`{o}}- (from \emph{k\`{o}\d{r}a}: `horse') is used for measuring the momentum of the pitch in tone. A native speaker of Punjabi language from the Doab region (Punjab, India) has been selected for producing the word \emph{k\`{o}\d{r}a}: (the focus of this work is not on the sociolinguistic study of the data of the native
speaker). On the basis of the simple graphical representation a formula has been applied for measuring the tone value of the language. This paper seeks to improve our competence regarding acoustic measurements of acoustic data through graphical representation.


Maximum pitch value; Minimum pitch value; tone

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