Forthcoming Articles


  • P. B. Bisht, C. K. R. Namboodiri, V. R. Dantham: Cascaded Förster Resonance Energy Transfer and Role of Relay Dyes

  • N. Pandey, M. S. Mehata, S. Pant: Interaction between picric acid and 5-aminoquinoline: A theoretical study

  • I. Sakho: Photoionization study on the 1s22snp 1P°, 1s22snd 1,3D, and 1s22pnd 3D, Rydberg series of the Be-like (Z = 8 – 18) ions

  • S. J. Darshanam: Influence of doping of Iron on e-beam prepared Tungsten oxide thin films

  • F. Yadav, P. C. Bhowmick, S. Aggarwal, S. Singh, N. Singh: Energy Levels and Oscillator Strengths of Ca V

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