Vol 5, No 3 (2018)

Table of Contents

Topical Review

Negative Ion Binding Energies in Complex Heavy Systems PDF
Alfred Msezane 195 - 204

Research Article

Ionization of P Atom, P\(_2\) and PX (X = H, C, N, O) Molecules by Electron Impact: Theoretical Studies PDF
Asha S. Chaudhari, Foram M. Joshi, Manish Pindariya, K. N. Joshipura, Pooja Bhowmik 205 - 214
Modified Atomic Orbital Calculations of Energy and Width of the 2pns 1P\(^\circ\) and 2pnd1P\(^\circ\) Rydbergs Series of Be-like N\(^{3+}\), O\(^{4+}\), F\(^{5+}\) and Ne\(^{6+}\) Ions PDF
A. Diallo, M. D. Ba, J. K. Badiane, M. T. Gning, M. Sow, I. Sakho 215 - 227
Electron and Positron Impact Ionization Cross Sections of O and Hg Atoms PDF
Manish Pindariya, Asha S. Chaudhari, Foram M. Joshi, K. N. Joshipura, Harshit N. Kothari 229 - 237

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