Vol 5, No 1 (2018)

Table of Contents

Research Article

Structural-Stability Relationship in a Series of [ZnX]\(^-\) Inorganic Organic Hybrid Materials PDF
Bikram Singh, Sanjay K. Verma, Mukesh Kumar, Dinesh Jasrotia 1 - 17
Spectroscopic Study of EUV and SXR Transitions of Ba XLVI PDF
Rakesh Kumar Pandey 19 - 39
The Effect of Relativistic Quantum Corrections on the Thermal Properties of Three-Dimensional Spherical Semiconductor Quantum Dot Under a Magnetic Field PDF
Suman Dahiya, Manthan Verma, Siddhartha Lahon, Rinku Sharma 41 - 53
Model Potential Approach for Positronium Impact Ionization of Alkali Atoms PDF
Dipali Ghosh 55 - 66
\(Ps^-\) and \(H^+_2\) Ions under Spatial Confinement PDF
R. Chandra, Jayanta K. Saha, S. Bhattacharyya, T. K. Mukherjee 67 - 72

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