Vol 3, No 3 (2016)

Table of Contents

Research Article

High Harmonic Generation in Quantum Dots in Short Pulse PDF
Siddhartha Lahon, Man Mohan 151-158
On the Comparison of Stability of YBa\(_2\)Cu\(_{3-x}\)Zn\(_x\)O\(_{7-\delta}\), YBa\(_{2-x}\)Sr\(_x\)Cu\(_3\)O\(_{7-\delta}\) and YBa\(_2\)Cu\(_{3-x}\)Al\(_x\)O\(_{7-\delta}\) in Water for Various Concentration of Zn \((0 PDF
Seema Vats Sharma 159-165
Rashba Spin Orbit Interaction Effect on Spin Current in a Quantum Wire with Magnetic Field PDF
Manoj Kumar, Siddhartha Lahon, Man Mohan 167-174

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