Vol 2, No 1 (2015)

Table of Contents

Research Article

Collisional Excitation of Fluorine Like Tungsten using Relativistic Dirac Atomic R-matrix Method PDF
Arun Goyal, Indu Khatri, Sunny Aggarwal, A. K. Singh, Rinku Sharma, Man Mohan 1-14
Structural Properties, Conductivity, Dielectric Studiesand Modulus Formulation of Ni Modified ZnO Nanoparticles PDF
Sarita Sharma, Kirti Nanda, R. S. Kundu, R. Punia, N. Kishore 15-31
First-Principles Modeling of the Smallest Molecular Single Electron Transistor PDF
Mudassir M. Husain, Maneesh Kumar 33-39
Scattering of Electrons/positrons by H-atoms and H$_2$ Molecules under Weakly Coupled Plasmas PDF
Hiteshkumar Sevantilal Modi, Manish J. Pindariya, K. N. Joshipura 41-54
Free-free Transitions of the Hydrogenic Systems Inside A Dense Plasma Irradiated by A Laser Field PDF
Anand K. Bhatia 55-72

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