Forthcoming Articles


The following articles have been accepted for publication in Vol. 12, Number 3, 2021. 
  • On poly-Euler polynomials and Arakawa-Kaneko type zeta functions of parameters $a,b,c$ 
  • \(ng^{\#}\)-Closed Sets in an Ideal Nano Topological
  • Fuzzy cone normed linear space and some fixed point results for weakly compatible mappings
  • On \(\hat{\hat{g}}\)-Closed Sets In Fuzzy Topological Spaces
  • Complex interval valued Pythagorean fuzzy set
  • Solitary wave solutions for time-fractional dispersive long wave equations via generalized Kudryashov-Auxaliry method
  • On Soft w-Connectedness in Soft Topological Spaces
  • Invariant Approximation Property for Subgroups 
  • Fixed point theorem with the CLR’s property and OWC mappings in menger space
  • Strong open monophonic number of a graph
  • Some Extractions of Fixed Point Theorems using Various E.A Properties
  • Mixed type reverse order law for the core inverse in C*-algebras
  • Application of \(G_k/G_d/1\) Queuing Model to Patient Flow at Hospital
  • Linear Stability of Thermo Convection in a Nanofluid Through a Porous Medium
  • A numerical approach for Fredholm delay integro differential equation
  • Degree-Magic Labellings on Graphs Generalizing the Double Graph of the Disjoint Union of a Graph
  • A Study of New Separation Axioms in Topology Induced By \(\theta\)-sgp-Open Sets
  • Bifurcation of function in four dimensions with 8 parameters based on Lyapunov-Schmidt Reduction
  • Transit Index of Subdivision Graphs
  • Quaternion Stieltjes and Quaternion Laplace-Stieltjes transform
  • Studies on coefficient estimates and Fekete-Szego problem for a class of bi-univalent functions associated with \((p,q)\)-Chebyshev polynomial
  • Apply the Sturm-Liouville problem with Green's function to linear system
  • Analysis of Probability Distribution due to Aspiration Level in Fuzzy Matrix Game
  • A SEIS Criss-Cross Model for Online Social Networks Communities


The following articles have been accepted for publication in Vol. 12, Number 4, 2021. 
  • Fixed Points for the G-Contraction on E-b-Metric Spaces with a Graph 



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