Forthcoming Articles

The following articles have been accepted for publication in Volume 5, number 2, 2018

  1. Conundrum in Measured Electron Affinities of Complex Heavy Atoms: Zineb Felfli and Alfred Z. Msezane
  2. Excitation of a Gould-Trivelpiece (TG) mode by relativistic electron beam (REB) in magnetized dusty plasma: D. Kaur, Suresh C. Sharma and R.S. Pandey
  3. Electron Acceleration by a Raidally Polarized Laser Pulse in an Azimuthal Magnetic Field: Ravindra Singh and Shiv Shankar Gaur
  4. First spectrum of Tungsten: Abid Husain, S. Jabeen and Abdul Wajid
  5. Conducting Polymers:Concepts and Applications: Abhishek Kumar Mishra












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